Clark & Stevens Family Law Services

Our firm represents individuals, families and businesses in handling complex litigation and damage claims. We understand the stress and uncertainty that goes hand in hand with confronting legal issues. Therefore we strive to provide compassion and discretion along with our signature expertise throughout the following areas.

Family Law

We offer services dealing with such complex matrimonial issues as divorce, separation, child guardianship and residence issues, adoption, mediation, wills and trust funds and financial settlements. We listen and put your needs first in addressing these issues. We also understand the importance of privacy and discretion within the context of a small community.


Our experience, knowledge and steadfast approach to litigation will be your catalyst to optimal results when dealing with contracts, business cases, personal injury suits, construction litigation, matrimonial issues, employment problems and Workmen’s Compensation.

Mediation, Arbitration, Collaboration

Our firm specializes in a range of dispute resolution services. From mediation to the newest trend known as “collaborative resolution,” we can address the needs of both large and small businesses as well as those of individuals involved in conflict situations.

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